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Snow Storms Have Turned The South Side Into A Polar Landscape

We have had a difficult February filled with frigid temps and fearsome storms.

🗞️ In This Edition:

❄️ Snow Way

🧁 Something Sweet

👩‍🎤 Center Stage

🧊 Temperatures: averaged more than 12 degrees below normal for February 2021. The last two weeks have produced one of coldest February periods on record.

  • Since late January, measurable snow has fallen on nearly 70 percent of the days.

  • The snowy stretch includes a record-tying nine-straight days of measurable snow from February 8-16, which brought the city 15.7 inches of snow.

Big picture: Life is being restored, but the extreme weather and bone-chilling temperatures have snarled everything from restaurant openings to coronavirus vaccine roll out efforts.

The Deep Freeze: Chicago has recorded numerous sub zero readings well into March.

  • March's all-time record low of 12 below zero on March 4, 1888.

  • Chicago's latest in the season below zero reading occurred on March 22, 1888 when the mercury dipped to 1 below.

  • And Most Recently : the city has logged two March below zero days- 2 below zero on March 3, 2014, and 3 below zero on March 4, 2019.

Snow Circumstance:

  • Midway : 17.7 inches

  • Beverly : 13.0 inches

Brighter Days:

  • The highest monthly average temperature in the South Side is in July with a splendid 76 degrees.

🚮 Pick Up The Pieces

🐕‍🦺 Hound Advice

It’s Coyote mating season. However, the potential for coyote conflict with domestic pets is slim.

Close Encounters

  • Coyote breeding typically peaks in late February and early March, the gestation period averages 58 to 63 days.

  • Male coyotes can become more aggressive during this time of year.

  • That risk increases during mating season.

  • Free-roaming cats are the most vulnerable.

  • City dogs are generally leashed or in fenced areas and are typically safe.

🐦 Preferred Coyote Snacks: Mice, voles, squirrels, rabbits and small birds.

💬 Our Thought Bubble: Keep your pets well secured, relax and enjoy the coyote serenade.

🎂 Snacking South Of The Loop

🔵 Kristoffer's Cakes

  • Experience, style, quality, consistency and passion.

  • Try the coconut and chocolate abuelita.

🔵 Panaderia Nuevo Leon

  • A traditional self-serve mexican bakery where you grab a tray and tongs when you enter.

  • Pick your favorites from conchas, gorditas dulces, and delicious empanadas.

  • A favorite is their flour tortillas.

🔵 Racine Bakery

  • Family-owned and operated since 1984.

  • Offers a variety of Eastern European delights.

🗣️ *Friendly FYI! We are working hard to be accurate. But these are strange times, so please check that spots are open.

🎨 Artist’s Impression

🛤️ Tracks Of The Trade

The Hyde Park Historical Society was originally constructed as a depot for a cable car loop of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1893.

  • When the cable car line became obsolete the depot was converted into a small lunch restaurant which served the area for decades.

  • The building was sold in 1977 to the Hyde Park Historical Society which works to preserve and interpret the neighborhood’s many complex and diverse histories.

  • Oversaw the restoration of the interior to its original appearance.

✂️ South Side Snippets

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South Side native, Ibrahem Hasan has a new book, Love is Why. The photography book is a visual ode to the mentors that helped shape him.

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