Brrr-illiant Ways To Winter

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Bundle up And Build A Crackling Bonfire.

Winter has come and the weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. This winter, layer up and head outside. Serve up S’mores, savor the sweet taste while you sit pretty and enjoy the skyline views from some surprisingly awesome spots on the South Side. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and explore below.

🗞️ In This Edition

☕ French Press

🧊 Fire And Ice

🎨 Smock And Awe

Common Ground

🔵 Back Of The Yards Coffee

  • Honoring the working class tradition of the old Union Stockyards of Chicago through social, economic & environmental impact.

🔵 Kusanya

  • Located in Englewood, Kusanya is a nonprofit cafe & roaster.

🔵 South Shore Brew

  • Whether it's your morning cup of coffee or tea or just a delicious smoothie, they have something for everyone.

🥪 Snacking South Of The Loop

🔵 Moms On Marz

  • Maria is in mom mode, slinging Spam Musubi, Snack Mixes and CBD Elixirs.

🔵 Pilsen Yards

  • Get dressed to chill at a covered, heated, outdoor structure, complete with a radiant-heated cement floor, radiant overhead heaters, a clear roof, and exposed wooden beams. They've maintained temperatures in the mid to high 60s.

  • Zoom In : This is accomplished through thermal air dynamics. Warm air rises up and out and cold air falls down and in along the east and south walls. The colder it is outside, the more effective this process is. Meaning all of the air in the entire space is turned over every 1 to 3 minutes.

🔵 Ricobenes

  • Belt busting Ricobenes has been open since 1946 with the mission of spreading their love of incredible food.

🗣️*Friendly FYI! We are working hard to be accurate. But these are strange times, so please check that spots are open.

🔥 Flickering Flame

Build A Bonfire At These Sanctioned Spots On The South Side.

🔵 Promontory Point

  • Enter the Promontory Point at 55th and South Shore Drive.

  • Across from the parking lot, you’ll see a walking path leading to a tunnel.

  • Take that path to the tunnel, which goes right under Lake Shore Drive.

  • There are several fire pits that run against the shore line at Promontory Point.

  • Pro Tip : the best spot sits at the North end, which is the only one with a view of the city (to get this spot : exit the tunnel, turn left and it will take you straight there).

🔵 South Shore Nature Sanctuary

  • Make your way from the beach, into the nature sanctuary, and the path will lead you to a wooden boardwalk.

  • Keep following the path as it spans across 6 acres.

  • The path will take you towards the tip of the peninsula where you’ll uncover two limestone fire circles available for anyone to use.

  • One of the fire circles sits near the edge of the water, where just past the natural vegetation, you can find an unobstructed view of the Chicago skyline.

  • Make use of the fire pit as the sun sets across the city.

🎒 What to bring :

🍼 Bottles to hold your “water” (alcohol is prohibited at the parks).

🔥 Firewood and accessories to build a fire.

⌚ Arrive as early as possible to grab a spot.

✂️ South Side Snippets

🔵 Retail Reboot

  • Urban Main is a virtual marketplace which is helping small shops in six South Side neighborhoods make online sales and receive technical support as they navigate the pandemic.

🔵 Full Stream Ahead

  • A South Shore nonprofit is seeking input on a strategy for improving broadband access in the neighborhood.

🔵 Dramatic Arts

  • A mural that captures the Latino community's neighbors and people's resilience to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.

🔵 One Track Mind

  • Here’s a sound investment, take an audio tour of the South Chicago velodrome, now home to a drive-in church.