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A restaurant revival is underway. Find the best of South Side Chicago’s food and drink scene. Let us be your guide.

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The South Side hustles hard. Find your fix below and let coffee help charge up your day.

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Find a place to get away from the South Side bustle with our guide to the most essential parks on Chicago’s South Side.

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Fast Facts

Daley's Restaurant dates back to 1892 and is the oldest restaurant in the city, located in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

After a long, restless night on a train in 1862, George Pullman, a Chicago mechanical engineer, had the idea to create a luxury sleeping car for trains. To mass produce the railcars, Pullman created the Pullman Palace Car Company on Chicago’s far South Side.

Nat King Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West & Michelle Obama were raised in  different neighborhoods throughout Chicago's South Side.

Brownies, zippers and the dishwasher were first introduced at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 in Hyde Park.